Lowell Resources Funds Management Ltd has formed an investment committee to concentrate the experience and knowledge of a group of individuals who have direct experience in the oil & gas and minerals industries and/or broking, banking and funds management. 

Cremorne Capital Ltd appointed Lowell Resources Funds Management Ltd as the investment Manager of the Fund and has entered into a contractual arrangement to that purpose dated 6 January 2004.

The members of the investment committee are:

Peter R. Mitchell

Mr. Mitchell was founding Chairman of the moonie Oil Company Ltd and Chairman or a Director of related companies including Clyde Petroleum plc, Analon Energy Inc, North Flinders Mines Ltd, Paringa Mining & Exploration plc. He was also on the board of the Australian Bank Ltd and other public and private companies. His experience is derived from over 25 years involvement in companies that explored for, developed and financed gold and base metal mines, oil $ gas fields and pipeline systems in Australia and overseas. Mr. Mitchell is the Chairman of Lowell Pty Ltd.

David K Hobday

Mr Hobday is a geologist with diverse experience in oil and mineral exploration, applied geological research, corporate finance and investment. As a fund manager with APA Oceanic during the 1980s, Mr Hobday was responsible for investments in energy and gold equities.  With Bank of America and then the Australian Bank he was involved in corporate finance, particularly applied to the resource sector.  He has undertaken resource appraisal around the Caspian Sea, in Africa, South America, China and India, and explored for oil and gas in the United States.  Mr Hobday has served on the Boards of several oil and mining companies in Australia and North America.

Mike P. Chester

Mr. Chester is a Chartered Accountant and is currently a Director of Melbourne Capital Ltd, an independent corporate advisory organisation. He has a total of 18 years experience in the mining sector, initially as a gold analyst for 11 years with A.C. Goode, Smith New Court, McIntosh and County Natwest/ Salomon Smith Barney, with a consistent top ranking for most of that period. Over the past several years, Mr. Chester has had extensive advisory and equity raising/ Initial Public Offering experience involving a broad range of mining and industrial companies.