Lowell Resources Fund  (the Fund) employs an active management strategy to maximise absolute returns from carefully selected investments. The primary investment targets will be junior Australian and overseas mining and energy companies that meet strict investment criteria. These companies will typically be embarking on their primary growth phase, and therefore expected to be positively re-rated by the market.

In addition to the primary task of monitoring and adjusting this core portfolio of medium to long-term stock holdings, the Investment Manager may from time to time also invest opportunistically with a view to short-term profits arising from the cyclical nature of the sector. In all situations, the overriding focus will be on stock selection and timing.

The Fund expects the companies in which it invests to meet the environmental, social and labour standards set by the governments in the countries in which they operate. While the Fund does not use these criteria in its primary investment decisions, if an investee company ever breached these standards or acted in a manner that was deemed unethical, the Fund Manager would view this negatively, and would consider reducing or disposing of its investment in the company concerned.